Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Freitag, 22. Juli 2022

Es ist zu trocken / It‘s too dry

Man kann auch im Garten stylisch unterwegs sein, zum Beispiel in einem der beiden Frances-Trickett-Sets die wir besitzen. Heute hat Grace es sich gesichert.

You can roam the garden in style, too, e.g. wearing one of the two Frances Trickett sets we own. Today Grace laid her hands on it.

Zu ernten wird es da nicht viel geben.

There won‘t be much of a harvest here.

Weil es kaum geregnet hat. Zucchini mögen viel Wasser.

Because it rained too little. Zucchini like their water.

Die Kartoffeln anscheinend auch. Ich hab schon viel größere Pflanzen gesehen.

So do potatoes, obviously. I used to see much taller ones.

Was macht dieser Schlauch? Er vertropft Wasser bei den Tomaten? Und wo kommt das Wasser her?

What is this hose for? To trickle water to the tomatoes? And where does that water com from?

Aus diesem Fass – nachdem Mami es von den Regentonnen umgeschöpft hat.

From this barrel – after Mummy filled it up out of the rain butts.

Lange wird das eine Fass nicht reichen. So große Trockenheit – so wenig Wasser…

This barrel won‘t last long. Such a long drought – so little water…

3 Kommentare:

  1. It is so dry everywhere! We had have the tiniest bit of rain, so little it was dry before it had been gone a minute! But my daughter sent photos of the grandchildren playing in nice rain, rain that will water the garden but like yours all my plants are looking thirsty! But a very nice Frances Trickett set Grace is wearing to brighten our day

  2. Very hot and dry here too. Hoping for some rain today. There's only so much watering you can do. Lot's of people in are neighborhood have pretty much given up on their lawns and gardens this year.

  3. We often have droughts in Australia, but it seems this is all very new to those living in the northern hemisphere. We are currently having a beautiful sunny day, but it has been extremely cold this winter down under, sometimes it feel like the world has turned on its head. However, keep the faith, all droughts break eventually, hopefully for you soon, then I guess people will curse the rain.
    Sending big hugs,