Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017

Drachenführer / Dragon master

Charlie ist ein bisschen unzufrieden.

Charlie is not content.

Halt die Kamera tiefer, Mama!

Keep the camera lower, Mummy!

Ich glaub aus der Perspektive ist es besser, da sieht er größer aus.

That seems better, from that angle he looks larger.

Was machst du da, Charlie?

What are you trying to do, Charlie?

Weißt du, Cinnamon, die Mädels im Sasha Village haben gesagt dass ein echter Prinz einen Drachen haben muss. Wir haben nur Fafnir, und er ist so winzig!

You know, Cinnamon, the Sasha Village girls have said a real prince needs a dragon. All we have is Fafnir, and he is so tiny!

Na und? Drache ist Drache! Kommt es da auf die Größe an?

So what? A dragon is a dragon! Does its size matter?

Na ja, so wirklich gefährlich sieht er nicht aus.

Well, he doesn't look too dangerous.

Warum um alles in der Welt soll er denn gefährlich aussehen? Wir wissen alle dass unser Fafnir harmlos ist.

Why on earth does he have to look dangerous? We all know our Fafnir is harmless.

Aber ein tapferer Prinz muss doch sicher einen gefährlichen Drachen haben!

But certainly a brave prince needs a dangerous dragon!

Deine Sorgen möchte ich haben! Und überhaupt, hast du vergessen dass das hier Demokratie ist und Prinzen keine Rolle spielen?

If only I had your problems! And anyway, have you forgotten this is a democracy?  Princes don't matter any more.

Wir mögen dich auch so. Du brauchst keinen großen Drachen, um irgend was zu beweisen.

We like you as you are. You don't need a large dragon to prove anything.

Komm, Fafnir. Vielleicht mag Charlie mit dir spielen, wenn du ein bisschen gewachsen bist.

Come on, Fafnir. Maybe Charlie wants to play with you when you've grown a bit.

Ich hätte halt schon gern die Mädels im Sasha Village beeindruckt...

I'd like to impress the Sasha Village girls...

Dafür brauchst du keinen größeren Drachen, Charlie, dafür brauchst du Persönlichkeit!

You don't need a large dragon for this, Charlie, you need personality!

Persönlichkeit? OK - mal sehen wo ich die auftreibe.

Personality? OK - I'll try to find some.


  1. Fafnir is such a sweet little dragon. Who really wants a large unruly dragon galloping around the house, and knocking over lamps with his tail anyway? I think a lot of the Prince Gregors struggle with staying 'relevant' in a modern world, but Charlie looks like he's got plenty of personality.

    1. Well, we're happy Fafnir won't grow, since he was designed as an oil lamp, so spitting fire could be a possibility...
      Charlie always seemed to cope well with the concept of democracy. But first love is first love!

  2. Wonderful ! This made me smile all the way through!
    And such a sweet dragon ! Charlie I think you have a great personality and a sweet dragon.
    I'm sure the girls in the Village will be impressed. After all Drago the village dragon is not dangerous.. well unless you come between him and his afternoon nap!
    And you don't need to be a Prince to be princely ;) Just be yourself xx

    1. Thank you, Auntie Dee! I'm glad to hear the girls in the Village are much nicer than the girls here, who are seldom impressed with us boys...

  3. Lovely story, so sweet. Charlie, don't worry about trying to impress girls with dragons and bravery, just be yourself :) x

    1. Thank you, Auntie Nanna! I just believed the girls might be a little more impressed by bravery than by personality, or am I wrong? It's so difficult to guess what girls are thinking!

  4. Charlie, don't let Cinammon put you down with all that republican talk. Tell her, blue blood is blue blood and you must be true to your ancestry. Don't worry - any of those girls would love to be a real princess! I would recommend you do battle with something other than poor wee Fafnir.

    1. Weeelll - if being true to my ancestry means wearing that ridiculous uniform again, so I'd rather be wrong to my ancestry. But I'll try to battle with someone larger than Fafnir.

  5. Oh my goodness, not another little Gregor in love with the Sasha Village girls!! But it's true, I'm sure the girls in the village are not going to be that impressed with the size of his dragon, they want to know that he's a nice friendly boy instead :)

    1. If I remember correctly, the girls didn't mention a minimum size for the required dragon. But Charlie still has to learn that size doesn't matter (or so they say)...