Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Donnerstag, 5. Oktober 2017

Die Suche geht weiter / The search goes on

Letzten Freitag waren wir wieder auf Häuserjagd.

Last Friday, we went house hunting again.

Milo kam mit, um uns bei der Entscheidungsfindung zu helfen.

Milo went with us to help deciding.

Auch die Dackel wollten natürlich dabei sein.

Of course, the dachshunds wanted to join too.

Wir sind im Nationalpark Kellerwald. Hier ist ein kleines Infocenter.

We are at the Kellerwald national park. This is a small information centre. 

OK die Landschaft ist akzeptabel!

OK, the landscape looks acceptable!

Trudi bellt aufgeregt. Er hat etwas entdeckt.

Trudi is barking excitedly. He has discovered something.

Was hast du denn da, Trudi?

What do you have there, Trudi?

Oh - eine mumifizierte Kröte...

Oh - a mummified toad...


  1. Oh my, just the kind of thing dogs (and kids) love to find. I like Milo's hat and cardigan.

  2. It's good the toad didn't fit into Milo's pockets!
    I knitted the cardigan last year, but I didn't make the hat, which came with our Cody. But the colours match nicely.

  3. I love how Milo was having a good look round, seeing what the place had to offer!
    A mummified frog would not be top of my list but interesting none the less!
    I too am so pleased Milo's pockets were not big enough to take the frog or I'm sure it would now be at home !

  4. Great environment, lovely photos. Like Dee says, I'm glad Milo didn't pick up and bring that mummified frog home with him!!!!