Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Mittwoch, 21. Februar 2018

Wieder Mähring / Mähring again

Wir sind zurück von unserem jährlichen Agility-Seminar. Das heißt, es ist jetzt ungefähr zwei Jahre her dass ich diesen Blog gestartet habe!
Natürlich musste ich nicht allein fahren.

We're back from our yearly agility training. So, it's about two years now since I started this blog!
Of course, I didn't have to travel alone.

Ygritte war dabei. Ich hatte ihren Pullover gerade noch rechtzeitig fertig bekommen.

Ygritte came with me. I finished her new warm sweater just in time.

Wir hatten nur ein Dachfenster. Ygritte möchte sehen, wo wir sind. Nicht so einfach.

Our room only had a roof window. Ygritte wants to see where we are. That's not easy.

Mami! Ich komme nicht bis ans Fenster! Ich bin zu klein!

Mummy! I can't reach the window! I'm too small!

Bitte unternimm was. / Please, do something about it.

Etwas später: Das ist viel besser! Jetzt kann ich die Landschaft sehen.

Some time later. That's much better! Now I can see the landscape.

Lohnt es sich? Ich glaube schon. Das Wetter ist nicht so doll, aber die Landschaft ist wunderbar.

Was it worth the trouble? I think so. The weather is gloomy, but the landscape is fabulous. 

Am Horizont fängt schon Tschechien an!

At the horizon, the Czech Republic begins!


  1. My boys are always complaining that things are too high for them. They think everything should be their size. I love her skirt. With a red and gold top and red shoes, she could be a junior Wonder Woman - off to save the world!

    1. I made a red and white striped t shirt to go with the skirt, but it obviously was too cold to wear it in Mähring. But a red and gold top - hmmm, interesting idea!

  2. Being on the small side myself I totally understand Ygtittes complaint about not being able to see outside! And what a lovely view it was ! Well worth all the effort to get there!

    Love her beautiful colourful sweater you have made her. I hope the boys did well in their training😀

    1. They did! We had a very good Austrian trainer who made us run quite a lot. But when Kuno got tired, his uncle Archie took over. It's good to have two dogs...

  3. WOW, that is a great view, but looks pretty chilly to me! Ygritte's outfit is very colourful and suits her perfectly :)

    1. This part of Bavaria, called Oberpfälzer Wald, is always a little chillier than the rest of the country. This year, I was pleased that the snow wasn't piled up too high, so we could go for some nice walks in our free time.

  4. Fab. view and great colourful outfit!