Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Frohe Ostern / Happy Easter

Es ist so weit - und zwei sind schon ganz aufgeregt.

At last - these two look pretty excited.

Nein, die kleine Gans hat nicht alle diese Eier gelegt.

No, of course the little goose didn't lay all those eggs.

Wir hatten dieses Jahr wieder Naturfarben, und ich finde sie sind ganz hübsch geworden.

We used natural colours again this year, and I believe the eggs turned out nicely.

Fast so hübsch wie die wunderschöne Ygritte. Sie wünscht allen Lesern frohe Ostern und viele Schokoeier, stellvertretend für alle Sashas und Gregors hier!

Just like lovely Ygritte. On behalf of all the Sashas and Gregors at NeverUschi, she wishes all blog readers happy Easter and lots of chocolate eggs!


  1. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter as well. Ygritte looks very pretty in that lovely blue dress and the eggs look lovely as well.

  2. Happy Easter Ygritte and family. Your eggs look lovely and colourful and your dress is very pretty and just right for celebrating Easter.

  3. What a nice scene: a lovely spring dress, beautifully colored eggs, and one happy little goose. Happy Easter!

  4. Frohe Ostern to you and all your Sasha dolls. Love the goose and Ygritte is such a pensive little character.

  5. Loving how you have coloured those eggs. Such rich Easter colours and set in that attractive nest.
    Reminded me of how, as young children, we were amazed at how our boiled eggs went into the saucepan of boiling water in their natural white. beige, brown shell state and then came out in a different colour... since we never actually saw mother add some vegetable colouring dye so to us, it was the magic of Easter!
    Super Sasha Doll and gosling just adds to the scene.
    Happy Easter.

  6. The eggs are beautiful and the Steiff goose is sooo cute!

  7. I hope you had a lovely Easter Ursula, I'm only catching up with commenting on blogs now, or I'd have sent my greetings to you sooner! The eggs look lovely, I have never done this, but one day I will! A lovely little goose too, the first photo is very sweet!