Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Samstag, 1. April 2017

A passion for Veronika!

Nicht alle Mädels müssen in Selbstgenähtem herumlaufen. Nein, manchmal lasse ich auch Designerklamotten springen. Um so schöner wenn ich etwas Second-Hand finde. Und in diesem Fall sogar ungetragen (was aber für Puppen auch keinen Unterschied machen sollte).

Not all the girls have to wear Mummy-mades.  Sometimes I even invest into designer clothes! All the better to find something second hand. In this case, the dress never had been worn (though that certainly would make no difference to a doll).

Veronika war mal wieder die Glückliche, und ich habe ein Geschenkband gefunden, das zu dem Kleid passt. Es ist APFS!

Veronika was the lucky one, and I found a ribbon from a gift wrapping matching the dress. It's APFS!

Das sind ihre Farben! Sie leuchtet mit den Narzissen um die Wette.

These are her colours! She tries to outshine the daffodils. 

Cinnamons Outfit gab es bei Ebay neu - noch mal so ein flottes kurzes Kleid von terrib1. 

Cinnamon's outfit was new, on Ebay - another smart short dress by terrib1

Sie hat die Beine dafür. Haarband und Höschen gehören dazu.

She has the legs to wear it. Hair ribbon and panties came with the dress.


  1. Two lovely outfits. The girls look great in them. I like the colours of the Passion for Sasha dress very much. And of course Sasha's have such great legs they can go really short. If you've got it, flaunt it!

  2. I always prefer my Sasha girls in the shorter length dresses as it shows off their gorgeous long legs. How useful too that Cinnamon's dress can be worn over trousers in the colder weather.
    Lovely Spring colours displayed here.

    1. I love the vivid colours in the yellow dress. It makes my Slate eyed brunette shine!

  3. The girls both look lovely in their dresses. It's nice that they can get outside in the sunshine, hopefully we will all be getting more of it in the coming weeks

    1. We didn't get rain over the weekend, a very nice surprise.
      The girls love their dresses. Veronika is over the moon with hers. She says thank you Auntie Dee for selling it!