Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Montag, 19. Dezember 2016

Der Baum ist da / The tree is up

Die Sashas sind fertig mit Backen und haben Platz geschaffen.

The Sasha kids finished baking to make room.

OK eigentlich gehört der Baum nicht auf den Ofen. Da muss die Küche erst mal kalt bleiben.

OK the tree's place usually is not on top of the stove. The kitchen will have to stay cold for a while.

Vier artige Kinder (Mona, Milo, Sophia und Harriet) warten aufs Christkind.

Four well behaved children (Mona, Milo, Sophia, and Harriet) are waiting for Christmas.


  1. It's a lovely tree and as for the stove, dining out is always welcome during this busy time of year. The kids look like they are trying very hard to be good little angels.

  2. What a sweet little tree. Love the little expressions on the children.

    1. I cut it from our yew bush - I know it's poisonous, but the branch made a nice little Sasha sized tree.

  3. The tree is very cute! I hope Santa Claus will bring some presents for these good behaving children :-).

  4. What a pretty little tree the kids have decorated there. I agree with Steve above, eating out at this time of year (or any time of year really!) is a great idea!
    I hope they have a great Christmas :)