Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

Räuberhöhle / Robber's cave

Und wieder ist jemand im Wald unterwegs. Milo war einverstanden dass Axel seinen Hund Trudi mitnimmt.

Again, someone is roaming the forest. Milo agreed Axel could take his dog Trudi for a walk.

Trudi ist froh nach draußen zu kommen. Jetzt hat er etwas entdeckt.

Trudi is happy to be outdoors. Now he found something.

Was ist das, Trudi? Eine Höhle?

What's this, Trudi? A cave?

Oh nein! Bleib da! Nicht in die Höhle!
Aber Trudi hört nicht.

Oh no! Stay! Don't run into that cave!
But Trudi won't listen.

Was wenn ein Bär in der Höhle schläft? Oder wenn das eine Räuberhöhle ist?
Das hier ist der 13. Post in diesem Monat! Was da passieren kann! Milo wäre sehr sauer wenn sein Hund verloren geht.

Now what if there's a bear sleeping in the cave? Or if it's a robber's cave?
This is December's 13th post! Anything could happen! Milo would be very upset if we lost his dog.

Trudi kommt ohne Bären oder Räuber zurück. Noch mal gut gegangen - aber ein sehr ungezogener Hund!

Trudi returns without a bear or a robber. No harm done - but a very naughty dog!

Der Pulli ist aus einem wundervollen Farbverlaufgarn und passt so richtig in den Wald. Ich hab noch ein ähnliches in blau; mal sehen wann ich dazu komme.

The sweater is made from a lovely sock wool with softly merging colours, perfect for a walk in the forest. I have something similar in blue. When I find the time...


  1. Glad the dog didn't getting into trouble. The woods can be a dangerous place on your own! Lovely to get out and about though.

    1. My dogs believe they are the most dangerous creatures in the forest. With that attitude you get into trouble easily!

  2. Trudi is brave, and like all dogs, very curious ;-D. The pictures are beautiful. Axel's sweater is lovely, I really like the merging colours.

  3. Dogs are so inquisitive and need minding all the time. I'm glad he came out of the cave without trouble. The jumper colours remind me of summer turning to autumn.

    1. I like how the colours melt into those of the fallen leaves on the forest ground.

  4. Love the sweater....and as a dog owner (I have seven!) I love the dog too!! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy 2017 to you, too!
      Seven dogs - well I believe for me, two are enough at the moment. Last night my Kuno was demanding enough for three - he couldn't decide if he wanted to be outdoors or if he was scared by the fireworks. The only thing he knew was, he didn't want to watch TV in the living room while we were firing ours like our dachshunds happily did each year for the last 16 years... he didn't break anything, so I probably shouldn't moan.

  5. My canine crew 3 French Bulldogs, 1 Basset Hound, 2 Chihuahuas and a blind Pug certainly keep me busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

  6. Great post, love the boy, the dog and the sweater. I'm glad that he didn't get hurt when he went into the cave though :)