Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Samstag, 13. Januar 2018

Veränderungen /Changes

Der winzige Garten bei unserem Haus sah im Winter bisher ungefähr so aus:

The tiny garden next to our house used to look like this in winter:

Na gut, also wenn wir mal Schnee hatten...
Im Mai sah er dann in etwa so aus:

Well when there was snow...
In May, it looked like this:

Jetzt hat er sich dramatisch verändert.

Now it has changed dramatically.

Die Hunde können es kaum glauben! Wo ist unsere Wiese?

The dogs find it hard to believe! Where has our lawn gone?

Die Gartenstühle sind dazu da, dass die beiden nicht über das Behelfs-Zäunchen springen. Denn der ursprüngliche Zaun und die Hecke sind weg.

The garden chairs help to prevent the dachshunds from jumping the makeshift fencing. The garden fence and the hedge have vanished.

Ich finde Schatten toll, aber wir hatten inzwischen soviel davon dass im Garten nichts mehr wuchs. Und die hölzernen Palisaden, die ihn zum Weg hin abstützten (er liegt höher) waren vergammelt. Deshalb lassen wir jetzt eine Trockenmauer setzen. Von einem Gärtner, wir sind leider handwerklich zu unbegabt um das selbst zu machen.

I'm a shadow loving person, but we had so much of it that growing stopped in the garden.  And the wooden stakes that separated it from the lower foot path were rotted. That's why we have hired a gardening company to build us a dry stone wall. Alas, we're not skilled enough to do this ourselves.

Xavier schaut sich die Baustelle an. Mit Mütze und Schal passend zum Pullover ist ihm warm genug.

Xavier watches the building site. His hat and scarf match his sweater and keep him warm.

Mami, wenn ich den Männern bei der Arbeit helfe, spart ihr vielleicht ein bisschen Geld!

Mummy, I could help the two men with their work, so you could save some money!

Ich hab sogar eine Schaufel gefunden!
Danke, Xavier! Wir können ja fragen, wenn die beiden aus der Mittagspause zurück sind.

I even brought a shovel!
Thank you, Xavier! We can ask the men when they return from their lunch break.


  1. I love the lilac; they are one of my favorites! I wish they bloomed all summer long. That's one of my gardening dilemmas too - getting things to grow in the shady areas. Xavier certainly looks handsome in his sweater. He seems eager to assist, though I wonder how much 'help' he would be ;-)

    1. The lilac is more than 30 years old, and we keep it of course. We asked the gardeners to cut it back professionally, and maybe pull out some of the ivy.
      Xavier had to find out that the stones were much too large and heavy for him to move. But he'll help refill the area with dirt eventually!

  2. Gorgeous outfit. I'm sure he'll find some way to help.

    1. Thank you! He offered some supervision, as it was clear he is too small for the actual building.

  3. How lovely to have someone come to do the work for you! I love it when we can get someone in! It makes it happen much quicker and you get to enjoy the result!
    It will interesting to see what it all looks like in the spring!
    What a good lad Xavier is to offer to help and save you some money.
    But best be careful not to get his lovely sweater, hat and scarf dirty, maybe he could supervise?

    1. I believe the men were very happy to take some advice from him!
      Now the gardeners have started, it's certainly quicker than building ourselves. But it was very difficult to get them here! They are the second company we asked - the first one had us wait for months, then promised two times to start with the project, and when the second delay was announced, I fired them and we had to start from scratch. But with the second company, all seems to work well.

  4. I'm the opposite as I love sunshine although a bit of shade is welcome here in the height of summer!
    We used to have a shaded area in our garden in the UK and had hostas growing there.
    I look forward to seeing the finished results, which I hope you'll share photos with us.
    I love Xavier's outfit, it looks cosy and warm but also very stylish. Let's hope those builders can find a little job or two for him when they return to work.

    1. Last summer, it was so dark in our garden that even the hostas didn't want to grow. So it was time we did something about it!
      I'll take photos of the results when it stops raining... if it ever stops raining...