Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Frühling! / Spring!

Es tut sich was im Hochbeet.

Something's going on in our raised flowerbed. 

Luise hat die allererste blühende Iris entdeckt.

Luise discovered the first blooming Iris.

Wundervoll! Das ist ja beinahe schon Sommer!

Wonderful! Now it's almost summer!

Und Jenny hat eine gefunden, die sich bald öfffnen wird.

And Jenny has found one that will open soon.

Es ist Frühling! Kriegen wir jetzt endlich die kurzärmeligen Kleider, Mama?

It's spring! Can we have now the short sleeved dresses at last, Mummy?


  1. Wonderful signs that Spring is here! Well done Luise and Jenny for spotting them but I think that you would be wise waiting just a little longer before taking your cardigans off..

  2. As it is rainy and chilly today, the girls are very glad they listened to Mum and also kept their nice warm tights.

  3. Lovely! It has sprung here too, I got a bit tanned sitting on our deck reading this afternoon, but hear it's going to cool down a bit next week again :(
    The Iris matches Luise's cardigan just perfectly!

  4. How did I miss these gorgeous girls in the garden? The lovely button nose red head Luise looking wondeful in her bright blue sweater and the Pretty Jenny in her star dress.
    and a lovely Iris showing us the spring is trying to warm the earth :)

  5. Ah, spring! It's coming up autumn for us but the flowers are still blooming so all is not yet dismal.