Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Montag, 7. Mai 2018

Ruf der Wildnis / Call of the wild

Es git noch mehr Blumen, um daran zu schnuppern.

There are more flowers to sniff.

Lohnt sich nicht - die duften nicht. Aber wenigstens sind sie in ihrem Beet geblieben!

It's not worth it - the are not scented. But at least they stayed in their flowerbed! 

Während diese hier die Terrasse erobern. Gut dass sie groß genug für uns alle ist.

While these ones conquered the deck. It's good it's large enough for us all.

Derweil sind diese Monsterpflanzen aus dem Gemüsebeet geschossen.
Mami! Die sind größer als ich!
Weiß irgend jemand, was das ist?

In the meantime, these monster plants popped out of  the vegetable bed.
Mummy! They are taller than me!
Does anyone know what they are?

Das hier kennen wir alle: es ist Riesen-Rhabarber. Selbst der Zwerg scheint überwältigt von seiner Größe.
Kuchen für alle!

We all know this: it's giant rhubarb. Even the gnome looks overwhelmed by its hugeness. 
Pie for everybody!


  1. Plants never stay where they are meant too! They always want to get more space.
    The plants with the white flowers looks like it could be a member of the Lily of the valley family.
    Rhubarb.. yum yum and apples from the tree delicious :)

  2. I was going to say Lily of the Valley too. They have a very pretty fragrance, and are virtually unstoppable once they get going. We all love Rhubarb pie here at Gregoropolis.

  3. Thank you! When we were there, the blooms hadn't opened yet and there was no fragrance, but two weeks will make a difference. I only knew lilies of the valley from the forest, and they are much smaller...

  4. Ooooh lovely! Rhubarb pie! I haven't had rhubarb pie in a long time. I heard that people are banned from growing rhubarb here because it's poisonous for goats....I don't know true it is, I really should investigate on Google but it certainly makes rhubarb a rarity here anyway!

  5. A friend now found the botanical name of the monster plant: It's polygonatum multiflorum, aka Solomon's seal, and it is indeed related to the lily of the valley.
    Thank you all!