Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

Blüba 2 / Ludwigsburg park 2

So viele Fotos - ich hab das in 2 Posts geteilt, nicht dass ich irgendeine Zeit überschreite und der ganze Kram ist weg.

So many pics - I divided them into 2 posts, so I won't lose the whole stuff because of some silly timeout error.

Buchsornamente, Blumen und Kies - da steckt eine Menge Arbeit dahinter.

Box ornaments, flowers and white gravel - someone had to do a lot of work here.

Axel hat wenig Sinn für Gartengestaltung. Ihm war es wichtiger, den kleinen grasigen Hügel zum Schloss hin hoch zu klettern.

Axel doesn't mind garden designing. He was keen on climbing the grassy hill leading upwards to the palace.

Fast ganz oben! / On top of the world - almost.

Emme im Rosengarten oberhalb des Schlosses, wieder auf dem Rückweg zum Haupteingang

Emme visits the rose garden beyond the palace, on the way back to the main gate.

Die gefällt mir! / I like this one!

Nur anschauen, Emme! Nicht pflücken.

Just look at it, Emme! Don't pick it.

Großaufnahme / Close up


  1. Oh how lovely to see this place again but during a different season. (You may remember me mentioning Henry and Emily visited here in 2012 I think it was) They both looked like they enjoyed themselves (this and the other post) Very pretty.

    1. I enjoyed your Ludwigsburg post very much (I believe it was September 2011, but I may be wrong.) It was fun to see Henry and Emily at a place we visited very often as children.
      They were already preparing the pumpkin exhibition when we were there. On the hill where Axel feels on top of the world, two women were decorating a rabbit sculpture with small pumpkins.
      I didn't take photos in the fairytale part of the park, because it was crowded - it's still summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg. And we couldn't ride on the little boats, the queue looked as if that would have taken us an hour, and I'm not certain if they had transported the dogs, with so many children waiting.
      But it was fun!

    2. Oh yes it was 2011 - gosh how time flies! My friend whom I visited in the Germany and who took me to Ludwigsburg now lives in the USA, although her daughter is still in Germany.

      How wonderful they were starting the pumpkin decorations - they were amazing and the pumpkin pie I had was delicious!

      That was the lucky thing about going at the time of eyar we did, the park wasn't crowded at all.