Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017


Ich kauf ja so gut wie keine Klamotten. Für mich selber sowieso nicht, dazu reicht das Taschengeld nicht, aber auch für die Sashas mache ich selber was ich kann. Nur so kann ich die vielen Sashakinder zu uns nach Hause einladen...

I very seldom buy clothes. For myself there's obviously not enough pocket money left, but the Sashas, too, get mummy-mades whenever I can. That's the only way to invite the many Sasha kids to our house...

Noch ein Set, das es möglich macht das Sommerkleid auch im Winter zu tragen. Den wunderbaren Stoff kaufte ich als Fat Quarter bei Classic Fabrics (über Ebay). Die Wolle ist auch eher edel: Schachenmaier Regia Tweed leiste ich mir nicht dauernd!
Das Set wartete auf:

Another set with a summer dress also fit for winter. The lovely fabric came as a Fat Quarter from Classic Fabrics (via Ebay). The wool is special, too: I don't buy Schachenmaier Regia Tweed daily! 
The set was waiting for:

Giselle! Ich habs geschafft! Ich fand eine No Navel!
Wobei das nicht ganz stimmt, denn sie hat einen Nabel. Sie hat auch die früheren Beine, aber No-Navel-Arme. Laut DEM BUCH kann das alles original sein.
Giselle hat recht lose Gummis, kann aber stehen.
Sie schaut sicher so traurig, weil sie sich wegen der Sturmfrisur geniert.

Giselle! I made it at last! I found a No Navel!
That's not the entire truth, as she does have a navel. She has the earlier legs, too, but No Navel arms. According to THE BOOK all this still can be original.
Her stringing is quite loose, but she can stand unsupported.
Her melancholic look might be caused by feeling ashamed for her unkempt hair.

Eine Menge Haare sind dem wunderschönen Gesicht im Weg.

Lots of stray hair get in the way of a beautiful face.

Ich habs nicht so mit Originalkleidung. Das braune Cord gehörte Giselle vermutlich eh nicht - in einer anderen Auktion des selben Verkäufers war eine Slate Eyes in Teilen des Pfadfinderkostüms. Wahrscheinlich hatten die beiden getauscht.
Ans Tauschen wird Giselle sich hier gewöhnen müssen. Einstweilen gehört das Set ihr. Schuhe sind von Boneka. Frl. Singer machte schnell noch die Strumpfhose aus einem Kniestrumpf.

I'm not an original clothes person. The Brown Cord I believe wasn't Giselle's anyway - in another auction of the same seller was a Slate Eye wearing parts of a Girl Scout outfit. Probably the girls had swapped.
Giselle will have to get used to swapping in our family. For now the set is hers. Shoes by Boneka. Tights made by Miss Singer in the background from a human knee sock.

Frisur gerichtet - und oh ja, ich habe einen Zopfmusterpulli gestrickt!
Willkommen Giselle...

Hair tamed - and oh yes I knitted a cabled sweater!
Welcome home Giselle...


  1. What a beautiful girl Giselle is. I love the no navel's and Giselle looks nice and minty :)
    Such nice clothes you have made to welcome her. The Sasha's do tend to get far more new clothes than we do.
    Congratulations on getting such a gorgeous girl x

    1. Thanks! I'm very pleased with her. I had waited for a No Navel for ages, but I always was outbid. This time I was lucky at last.
      The Sashas can have more and nicer clothes than me - as they are much prettier, so it pays to give them nice outfits.

  2. She's beautiful, and her eye style is my favorite of the two found on the no navels. You did a wonderful job on her outfit.

    1. I prefer that eye style too, so she was a very lucky find.

  3. She is a lovely little girl and the outfit is perfect for her. I love her No Navel face and so much nice thick hair too.
    My girls and boys usually only get mummy made clothes too but I don't mind as I really do enjoy making them for them. x

    1. But then, your sewing is much better than mine. I like making things for my dolls, but there's only so much I can do, and sometimes (as with boy shirts) I'm not at all impressed with the results.
      Well I can do dresses and sweaters, so that's what they will get!

  4. Giselle is a beautiful doll (with a lovely name, too!). I love the cable sweater!

    1. Thank you! I bought a vintage book about old Austrian sock knitting patterns, so I hope there will be some more sophisticated sweaters made in the future.
      (Some of these patterns are VERY pretty and don't look too difficult...)

  5. Congratulations on your first No Navel, not no navel girl Giselle, she is lovely. I have never had one of these girls in my collection...often tempted, but not gone there yet.

    I very rarely buy clothes either, as you say the funds go elsewhere!

    Love the outfit that can double for both winter and summer, a cardigan or sweater here and there can make all the difference.

    Have fun with your new pattern book!

    1. I will! The patterns all have funny names like "burning love" or "jumping rabbit" - and as they are meant for socks, I believe they will work well on doll's clothes.