Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Weg mit dem Baum / Taking down the tree

Weihnachten ist ja leider vorbei... und die Sashas machen sich nützlich!

Sadly, Christmas has passed... and the Sashas are helping Mummy!

Obwohl der Baum noch kaum nadelt, wird er abgeschmückt. Jenny rechts schaut ein bisschen traurig - aber vor allem weil sie ihr hübsches Kleid noch eine Weile tragen will.

The tree doesn't shed much yet, but the decoration is taken off anyway. Jenny, to the right, looks a little sad - but maybe only because she wants to wear her pretty Christmas dress a while longer.

Harriet gefällt die goldene Kugel. Nein das ist kein Spielzeug, die ist aus Glas. Die räumen wir weg.

Harriet likes the golden ball. No this is not a toy, it's glass. We'll store it away safely.

Diana muss sich nach den oberen Ästen strecken.

Diana has to stretch for the upper branches.

Milo kämpft mit der langen Girlande.

Milo is struggling with the long garland.

Sophia kommt dazu. Sie ist skeptisch. Weißt du was du tust??

Sophia arrives. She is sceptical. Do you know what you're doing?

Brave fleißige Kinder... meine lebenden sollten sich mal ein Beispiel nehmen!

Good diligent kids.. setting an example for my living ones!


  1. Such good children, they all help along! The pictures of Milo struggling with the garland are very funny :-).

    1. Well he managed at last to get it off the tree, and the others unwrapped him...

  2. It all seems rather bare and cold once the decorations come down, doesn't it? But I'm sure it also helps to think that spring is now on it's way....that's the way I look at things anyway.
    You were very lucky to get them to help you....mine all seemed to disappear when the time came here!

    1. We have some weeks ahead before we can think of spring - but now Christmas is over, it's time for Karneval, or Fasching, or Fasnet - when usually very sensible Germans get all giggly and goofy...
      Yes they were very good to help me.

  3. Taking down the tree isn't ever as much fun as putting it up - more of a chore, I'd say. But, the children all took part and got the job done. I suppose the Christmas dresses get put away for another year, too.