Von Puppen und Hunden

Von Puppen und Hunden

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Ooops! I did it again...

Ich hatte ja schon mal erzählt dass unser Nick, als er zu uns kam, fürchterlich ausgebleichte Augen hatte.

I already wrote that Nick, when he joined us, suffered from badly faded eyes.

So ein hübscher Bub, aber die Augen sind fast nicht mehr vorhanden.

Such a handsome fellow, but his eyes were almost gone.

Als ich Notsos Augen aufgehübscht hatte, habe ich mich auch an Nick heran getraut. Auf den Fotos sieht das ganz ordentlich aus. In echt fand ich es aber zu dunkel.

After enhancing Notso's eyes. I also had a go at Nick's. Looks okay on photos, but in real life I found it too dark and too stark.

Also schwupp runter mit der Farbe und das Ganze noch mal von vorn, diesmal heller. Sah im Vinyl wirklich gut aus. Aber auf Fotos starrt er.

So I wiped off the acrylic colours and started again from scratch, much lighter this time. It looked great in the vinyl. But on all his photos he was staring.

Noch mal runter geputzt habe ich es nicht, nur korrigiert. Sonst benutze ich immer Acrylfarben. Nachdem ich aber gesehen hatte was Sharon mit Aquarellstiften kann, und weil ich eine Kiste von den Dingern im Keller habe, habe ich die benutzt.

I didn't wipe it off again, but I adjusted it. Usually I paint with acrylic colours. After I had seen what Sharon can do with watercolour pencils, and having a box of those in my cellar, I used them.

Noch nicht perfekt aber besser!

Not perfect, but better!


  1. I'm glad I inspired you to get those watercolour pencils out and have a go with them Ursula. I find them easy to work with and also, if you wanted a more painted look, you could always use a dampeded paintbrush and sweep it across the bit where you've used the pencils, it then blends the colour! But try it on paper first because you might not like the effect.
    I think you've given him new life....he will be happy that he can now see the world around him so much clearer ;)

    1. The pencils belonged to my late grandma and have been in a cupboard for quite a long time. I never realized they work on vinyl, or I'd have taken them out much sooner.
      Thank you for encouraging me!

  2. His eyes look beautiful. I've never head of watercolor pencils before, but they sound intriguing.